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Gemma Blezard Steps Back as the Salesforce Community Steps In

A Note from Gemma Blezard, our Founder As a Salesforce architect with a consulting background, I am a compulsive problem-solver. It’s one of the things we all love about this...

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Well-Architected: The Architech Club’s Top Dreamforce 22 Architect Sessions

It’s finally Dreamforce week, and this year Dreamforce is 20 years old! Not to mention this is the biggest the event has been since the pandemic. Our growing Salesforce family...

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Fixed mindset? Challenge Accepted

“The need to shift mind-sets is the biggest block to successful transformations. The key lies in making the shift both individual and institutional—at the same time” – McKinsey, Getting Personal...

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How to Salesforce Sustainably

We’re in a climate crisis. It’s the most urgent issue facing humanity today, and the time to act is now. Climate change impacts all of us – every individual, company,...

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Dreamforce N Chill

Dreamforce 2021 – The Architech Club Round-Up

Dreamforce 2021 – The Architech Club Round-Up    Dreamforce 2021 – we were ready for you! And boy, were you ready for us! From a small invited, and carefully tested...

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International Women's Day raised fists

I Choose to Challenge. And I’m Not Sorry.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day resonates strongly with me. As anyone who has met me can affirm: I choose to challenge. Heck, it’s my job. And I’m not...

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Managing project relationships 3 cheers for Jackie Weaver

Managing Project Relationships – 3 cheers for Jackie Weaver!

It looks like it could be the brainchild of satirists, perhaps a distinctly British new series from Parks and Recreation head honcho Michael Schur. But it is, in fact, a...

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3 things Super Bowl LV can teach us about Salesforce Discoveries

On Sunday 7th February Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on champions Kansas City Chiefs in a dazzling display of athleticism, determination and showbiz. This will certainly be a Super Bowl...

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Avoid a Salesforce Nightmare Before Christmas

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Dreamforce to you 2020

Dreamforce 2020 – The Architech Club round-up

Dreamforce 2020 like you’ve never seen before. On your sofa. In your pyjamas. And if you joined our Watch Party – with added bingo and dogs.  If you missed it,...

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How to Avoid Salesforce Data Loss (Backup & Recovery)

Everything we do in business today revolves around collecting data. Data is more valuable than money – and no one likes losing money – so you can understand why data...

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The Architect’s Role in a CRM Transformation

There are many companies out there investing vast amounts into Salesforce, expecting a positive transformation for their business. The only downside is choosing to do it without a Salesforce Architect’s...

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How Switching to Lightning will Help your Business

Our team had the unique opportunity of taking part in the planning of a Lightning switchover project. We’d like to share with you some advice, based on what we tried...

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How The Architech Club helped against COVID-19

Who expected the unexpected? We have had the misfortune to live through one of the black swans that will end up in the history books, for sure. How will the...

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