Dreamforce 2020 – The Architech Club round-up

Dreamforce 2020 like you’ve never seen before. On your sofa. In your pyjamas. And if you joined our Watch Party – with added bingo and dogs. 

If you missed it, not to worry – we’ve rounded up the highlights, the lowlights and the entrances from the shrubbery…


  • Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield and COO Cal Henderson emerging from the bushes to announce the latest hot new Salesforce acquisition
  • Einstein Automate – Machine Learning gets real with end-to-end intelligent workflow automation. A game changer, and creating a real buzz at The Architech Club! The possibilities are so exciting!
  • Hyperforce opening doors to the public sector – a re-architected Salesforce platform  using the public cloud to overcome the common obstacles to public sector adoption. 
  • Service Cloud Workforce Engagement bringing predictive power to customer service demand and staffing for contact centres – which is going to be vital in the post-Covid world



  • Like all the best parties there were some gatecrashers in the Chat. We are glad that everyone had patience with the disruption.
  • Did you hear sirens in the distance too? We hope our friends in San Francisco are safe and well.
  • The smattering of applause at the end of the Metallica performance – couldn’t the sound engineer just use a sound effect?! (They just went for silence for Lenny Kravtiz)
  • Now we want a Bentley. 


The Architech Club’s take

Einstein Automation will change the way architects design solutions. It’s exciting to see Mulesoft merging into the Salesforce platform we see every day, and the possibilities for simplifying solutions seem endless. 

It’s new, so it’ll be a while before we get our hands on it, but companies should consider these new features and design their systems with this new architecture in mind.

We’re also excited to see the choices customers will have around where their data is stored, thanks to Hyperforce. With privacy laws growing more complex and government agencies increasingly using Salesforce, it’s a fundamental requirement to store and back up data locally and The Architech Club is already having these discussions with our customers. The pros and cons of going to the public cloud will still require careful consideration for new Salesforce customers, but Hyperforce is sure to remove some obstacles to public sector digital transformation.

With salesforce expanding its industries suite, it’ll be interesting to see how AppExchange partners expand their maturing products to compete in the new landscape. In this time of change it’s a great opportunity for the market to challenge and reinvent itself, as we are doing with The Architech Club. We love working with Salesforce because there’s always a new challenge that comes with each innovation. Now…how do we get our hands on Salesforce Blockchain?


What do YOU think?

That’s our summary, but we want to know what it means to you? What has got you all fired up and ready to go? What do you want to discuss making part of your solution? Give us a call to talk about the possibilities and building your dream inspired by Dreamforce 2020.

About the Author

Gemma Blezard

CEO and Salesforce MVP

Gemma is Founder and CEO of The Architech Club and a great inspiration to anyone dealing with life’s challenges. Gemma is also co-founder of Ladies Be Architects and an Award-winning advocate for diversity.
She is in demand as a conference speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and Community events. She is open about living and working with breast cancer, and balances being a mother, with her roles as a Salesforce MVP, 18 x Salesforce Certified Solution Architect and leading The Architech Club.

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