Fixed mindset? Challenge Accepted

“The need to shift mind-sets is the biggest block to successful transformations. The key lies in making the shift both individual and institutional—at the same time” – McKinsey, Getting Personal About Change (Keller & Schaninger)

Fixed mindset and growth mindset are common topics in the business world nowadays. It was first described by renowned psychologist Dr Carol S. Dweck. 

In 1988, after years of research, she described two types of mindset in education: fixed mindset, and growth mindset. Architects at The Architech Club come across a fixed mindset regularly, both on the client’s side and the colleague side, and it’s a challenge that creates barriers to readiness, planning, and often, the perceived success of a Salesforce project.  


Fixed Mindset in Salesforce Projects

Dweck’s model pictures a fixed mindset as a desire to look smart and successful. Those with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence, creativity, social skills, and character can’t be taught, but that they are innate abilities.

Nobody in the business world likes to appear as if they don’t know something. You want to see yourself successful and to be seen as a successful business person. For example, if a consultant you’ve hired can’t immediately answer your question, there’s a temptation to question why you’re paying them. Chances are, the said consultant needs time to consider the best approach so their response is of value to you. Things are changing fast in the Salesforce ecosystem; with 3 releases a year and more products added all the time, it’s becoming impossible to know everything about Salesforce.


Challenge Accepted

We have lots more to say on this topic to help with your project. If you feel like you relate, we welcome you to download our white paper, which offers 9 ways to overcome fixed mindsets in Salesforce projects.

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Gemma Blezard

CEO and Salesforce MVP

Gemma is Founder and CEO of The Architech Club and a great inspiration to anyone dealing with life’s challenges. Gemma is also co-founder of Ladies Be Architects and an Award-winning advocate for diversity.
She is in demand as a conference speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and Community events. She is open about living and working with breast cancer, and balances being a mother, with her roles as a Salesforce MVP, 18 x Salesforce Certified Solution Architect and leading The Architech Club.

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