Independent Salesforce Architects

Our focus is on People, not the “Tech”

Why you need a Salesforce Architect on your team

and how to find one..

Why do Salesforce projects go wrong?

  • Lack of a coherent CRM strategy
  • Poor attention to process
  • Too much focus on technology, rather than people
  • Failure to adopt, once implemented
  • Lack of executive commitment
  • Poor data quality
  • Lack of alignment with the existing IT architecture

Less than

0 %

of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90% – CSO Insights

“We know the potential is there, but don’t fully understand the complexity of the system.”

“We are frustrated with an implementation that went off the rails, and can’t find the guidance to move on.”

This often results in “stuck” projects.

What are the best practices that lead to Salesforce success?

Regular use of architects strongly correlates with the highest ROI


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of Salesforce users who report the highest return on investment always work with a Technical or Solutions Architect.

…these roles are hard to find and expensive to keep.

We have made it easy to engage with the world’s leading Salesforce Architects through our 3 engagement packages.

We offer three choices of access to architect expertise, designed to be clear in scope, transparent and cost-effective for you. We typically start with a Discovery engagement, which offers you an independent view of your situation. From there you may choose to focus on a particular project through a range of advisory packages depending on scope. Or you may wish to retain our architect expertise to tap into as you need it.


Discovery Package

Our industry-leading Discovery gives you an independent and comprehensive understanding of your IT environment. The Report of Findings we deliver includes the assessment, roadmap, recommendations and next steps, so you have a solid foundation for future development and strategic planning. All for a sensible fixed fee you can budget for.


Advisory Package

Advisory packages are designed to focus on a single goal; large or small. You are able to access a range of expertise at a fixed price based on complexity, so you know exactly what you are getting and can budget accordingly.

To find out more:


Retainer Package

Our retainer package enables collaboration and flexibility. Use us when you need us. A long-term relationship ensures Salesforce scales with your business. Our collaborative pricing gives you the choice of 100%, 50% or 25% of an Architect’s time to suit your requirements. So as complexity reduces over time, so does the monthly fee.

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