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Whatever your story is, we hear you, and we can help.

Our end-to-end team of Architects is on hand to support you through every stage of your Salesforce journey. Whether you need more hands-on assistance from a Salesforce Technical Architect, or help with strategic challenges from a Business Transformation Architect, our team is here to ensure you make the right decisions and minimise risk. 

In short, we offer an experienced, flexible workforce available on your terms.

What We Do

Customer 360 Platform
Custom apps, UX, privacy and data architecture
Marketing Cloud
Email Studio, Interaction Studio, Social Studio and Pardot
Sales Cloud
Sales, CPQ & Contract Lifecycle Management
Service Cloud
Service, KCS and Field Service
Experience Cloud
Customer, Partner and Employee portal sites


Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud and Loyalty Management

PSA, Services CPQ, Revenue Management & Billing Central

Integrations, huddles, governance and standards

Case Studies

How We Do It

  • Orientation
  • Projects
  • Procurement Services
  • Governance and Sustainability

About Orientation 

Here at The Architech Club, rather than simply assigning one of our available Architects to your project, we focus on gaining a deep understanding of what you are truly trying to achieve, and how complex your environment is. We do this by taking time to get to know your business, challenges, and existing ways of working, and scoring your Salesforce complexity.

By examining your current architecture and furthering our understanding of your ultimate goals, we can then highlight the right type(s) of Salesforce Architects needed to achieve them without wasted time, resources or budgets. 

With Orientation, you can: 

  • Research ways to expand or improve salesforce.
  • Untangle messy architecture and get to the root cause of issues.
  • Scope and create a clear roadmap to lead successful projects. 
  • Receive an independent review of existing work, and gain a report containing actionable recommendations, risks and estimates. 

There are different ways we approach Orientation. Pulse, our 5-day high-level health check might be all you need, or we may need to spend time with you to really deep dive into your existing state and establish a baseline.


Orientation is a great fit if…

  • You need a clear roadmap and step by step guidance on quick wins
  • You want to find out what tasks and projects you should prioritise first 
  • You need help planning and designing a delivery project, but you’re not really sure where to start
  • Your architecture has become messy over the years, and you need help getting back on track
  • Implementing new features seems to have offset or broken existing features, and you’re not sure where to begin
  • You need an independent set of eyes and an honest review to help you solve deeper problems
  • You need expert guidance on researching a project. 
  • You need to assess or validate recent work that’s been completed
  • You need to evaluate your current architecture and receive recommendations on how to achieve your goals
  • You’re facing challenges or technical issues, but you’re not sure why things aren’t working 


What is the Process?

Our Orientation offering is very much tailored to customer needs, but generally, the process below is what we conduct for a sensible fixed fee: 

  • Kickoff: We’ll get together and discuss the objectives and goals of the orientation and confirm the next steps.
  • Research: Our Architects will run workshops, surveys and research activities with your teams to really understand the big picture.
  • Validation meeting: At this point, we will gather all the facts and present back our initial findings and thoughts to confirm we’re on the right track.
  • Reporting: We will complete a report including any risks, our findings and recommendations.
  • Presentation: We will present back an executive summary of findings and hand over a full report, which will include a complexity assessment, a clear roadmap with recommendations and actions, and a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy, giving you a solid foundation to move forward. We will then follow up and answer any questions you may have, and work out if there is any further assistance you may need from us.

About Projects 

Our user-centric project work focuses on providing experienced Architects to optimise and elevate your business at any phase of your Salesforce journey, and with any challenge or project. Some of the ways we support our customers are through: 

  • Delivery and Deployment, sustainable Salesforce implementation, led by Architects who have seen it all. 
  • Project and Programme Management (PPM), leading and supervising your existing team to create robust, long-lasting solutions. 
  • Quality Assurance, to ensure your promised vision has been delivered successfully.
  • Touchstone, providing a friendly advisor you can direct all your questions to, customers and partners alike.  


Projects are a great fit if…

  • You need help implementing Salesforce to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success by creating a robust, sustainable solution. 
  • You need us to come in and do Quality Assurance checks to ensure your existing Salesforce partner is delivering your project as promised.
  • You need a senior contractor to supervise or train your team. 
  • You need help understanding which Salesforce partner is right for you, and need assistance getting the right processes in place.
  • You’re a salesforce partner with a talent shortage, and need an additional team member to deliver client work on time. 


What is the Process?

How we work on projects will differ from customer to customer, depending on your requirements. Get in touch with us using the button below to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you. 

About Our Procurement Services 

Procurement is all about using our collective understanding of your requirements and goals and helping you find the right Salesforce supplier to achieve them.  


Procurement is a great fit if…

  • You're building an RFP or tender document and need someone who knows Salesforce and the ecosystem to assess it objectively
  • You need help with process design for supplier assessment and management, so you can make informed decisions. 
  • You're feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of AppExchange apps and need to direction



What is the Process?

Our procurement offering process tends to vary between customers and projects, but you can get in touch with us using the button below to discuss your specific requirements and goals. Once we have more information on your needs, we’ll be able to explain how we can help.

About Governance & Sustainability  

Do you need an expert to have regular check-ins with, advise on any scenario and answer any questions? 

Are you building a Salesforce Center of Excellence and need a second pair of eyes?

Or perhaps for a period of time you’d like an experienced Architect to join your project, and strengthen and empower your existing team?

If so, then this is the section for you. 

Our governance and sustainability work is all about guiding and complementing your Salesforce experience, whether you need a hands-on team member to build with, or a more strategic advisor to check in with. 


Governance & Sustainability are a great fit if…

  • You need an experienced Architect to connect with once a month, to talk through ideas and approaches, and help to enable your own team to deliver sustainable work (we call this ‘Ask an Architect’).
  • You would like to enhance and support your own Salesforce team or consultancy with seriously talented Architects (we call this ‘Add an Architect’). 
  • You need guidance or more direct help with implementing new features or releases sustainability, so you don’t break your existing infrastructure (we call this common sense).


What is the process?

Our Governance and Sustainability offering works on a retainer model, with the two main workstreams being ‘Ask an Architect’ or ‘Add an Architect’, depending on how much support you need. We offer flexible and customised support, with reasonable fixed fees you can budget for.

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