Procurement Support from a Salesforce Expert

Empowering teams to respond to tenders with confidence – read about our experience in supporting the RFP process for a public sector tender

Customer Challenge

Our customer needed help creating an RFP and de-risking the overall RFP process for a public sector organisation. They needed a partner to support responses to their procurement tender, as our client did not have the in-house expertise to scope all the necessary technical requirements or the understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and partner marketplace. Essentially they needed an experienced partner to minimise risk and fill in their talent gaps. So in we went with our Procurement service.

The Solution 

We recommended a collaborative approach to enhance and empower the customer’s in-house Salesforce team, and allocated the following team members to assist:

  • Enterprise Architect 
  • Technical Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Data Architect

We reviewed their requirements and elevated their work and output by: 

  • Making them SMARTER (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)
  • Ensuring user needs were at the forefront of every task
  • Refocusing actions and goals to centre around objectives and value, rather than solutions

We produced a timeline, plan and roadmap which influenced the RFP document, ultimately resulting in it being easier for other experts to respond to.  

The Result

By partnering with The Architech Club, our customer chose objectively based on its user needs, rather than on which provider was best known, and was able to increase its RFP scorecard, win the tender and confidently carry out the required work with the support of our Architects. This made the process fairer for other Salesforce experts and enabled them to make use of The Architech Club to refine the wider strategy. 

About the Author

Gemma Blezard

CEO and Salesforce MVP

Gemma is Founder and CEO of The Architech Club and a great inspiration to anyone dealing with life’s challenges. Gemma is also co-founder of Ladies Be Architects and an Award-winning advocate for diversity.
She is in demand as a conference speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and Community events. She is open about living and working with breast cancer, and balances being a mother, with her roles as a Salesforce MVP, 18 x Salesforce Certified Solution Architect and leading The Architech Club.

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