November–December 2020

Get ready for a whole new Dreamforce


Dreamforce 2020 is a time to reimagine everything - and V2MOM is a great way to do that.

The V2MOM was created by Marc Benioff as a framework for alignment and leadership. It sets out the vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures that lead to success. At its heart is creativity, change and strategic alignment. It’s the best way there is to make sure everyone understands your company’s goals and how they’re contributing to them.

Here at The Architech Club, we use the V2MOM as part of our work with customers to help them plan for successful Salesforce projects. It is more than just a strategy - it’s a way of providing the checks and balances you need to keep focused and get the most out of your time and resources.

The best thing about a V2MOM is that it can be used across all pillars of DF2U: Customer Success & Innovation, Relevance & Reinvention, Learning & Community, Togetherness & Giving Back. So for the duration of Dreamforce 2020, we’re offering a free V2MOM consultation with one of our expert Architects to anyone who wants to create clear strategic goals for their Salesforce project.

How will the consultation take place?

Since (almost) none of us are in San Francisco, we’ll carry out the consultation over Zoom. We'll assign one of our team to help you blaze a trail using their comprehensive knowledge of the V2MOM tool. Architech Club uses this approach on every project and we can’t wait to share our expertise.

It will take about an hour (make yourself a coffee - maybe bring biscuits too) and we’ll help you make your own V2MOM, understand how to use it in your organisation and give you some recommendations tailored to your Salesforce project.

It’s a limited offer over November and December so book your free consultation below.

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