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S-Docs is an innovative Salesforce AppExchange partner, enabling Salesforce customers around the world to create, automate and e-sign documents quickly and securely using their native tool since 2010. S-Docs was facing a critical business challenge as they went through a period of growth: their Salesforce solution didn’t meet their maturing needs, there were too many system administrators and they didn’t have the skills in-house to manage the move to Lightning Enterprise edition without causing major disruption to their business.


  • 10 year old Salesforce solution - lack of access to the powerful tools and workflows that Salesforce now offers.
  • Limited the scope and visibility of their valuable data - incompatible with growth.
  • Risk to data security: No. of Admins; no visibility of changes; confusion over responsibilities.
  • Undocumented processes making it difficult for them to know what features their solution needed to include.

Company Profile



Document Generation and eSignature Solution



  • Guided S-Docs through a Lighting migration.
  • Designing the data architecture.
  • Transferring data from their old, outdated system to Lightning quickly and smoothly.
  • Structured change management - using native collaboration tools to make change transparent and encourage feedback.
  • Designed user training according to the user roles for the solution.


  • Improved system governance and security with fewer system Administrators.
  • Increased system stability with documented change process.
  • Project complete and all users trained in Salesforce Lightning solution within 1 month.

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