Salesforce Discovery:
Your Blueprint to Excellence

Navigate Your Path to Success with Precision

Are You Hitting a Wall with Salesforce?

You’re invested in Salesforce, but the results just aren’t there. It’s time to reassess and gear up for success. It’s time for a Salesforce Health Check. Discover how our experts can pave your path to excellence:

Deep Technical Capabilities

Encounter system irregularities or integration difficulties? Our team possesses deep technical expertise to swiftly identify and resolve such issues, ensuring optimal performance of your Salesforce system.

Adoption Rate Enhancement

If low adoption rate is hindering your team's efficiency, our strategic engagement methods are tailored to increase user adoption and optimise the utilisation of your system.


Anticipating significant alterations in business procedures? Our consultants excel in facilitating these transitions, ensuring new strategies are in harmony with your fundamental objectives.

Smooth Transitions for CRM Management

Navigating a change in CRM management? Our specialists ensure a seamless transition, aligning Salesforce with new leadership goals.

Bespoke Salesforce Solution

Implementing Salesforce can be daunting. Our custom solutions are meticulously crafted to overcome these challenges, tailored to your unique business requirements.

Adaptive Business Change

As your business landscape transforms, we ensure your Salesforce system not only adapts but keeps one step ahead, maintaining alignment with your company’s trajectory.

Let our team’s unrivalled expertise and client-focused approach transform your Salesforce challenges into avenues for growth and achievement today.

Salesforce Discovery Project

Maximising Success with
Salesforce Expert Teams

Maximising Success with Salesforce Expert Teams

Our discovery services are built on extensive experience, geared to amplify your Salesforce successes. Each service follows a proven process, ensuring informed decisions.

With a wealth of project experience, our Salesforce Architects and Consultants know how to extract maximum value, offering you clear, effective solutions.

Pulse: The Salesforce Health Check Solution

Embark on a thorough health check, complete with workshops, research, and analysis. It’s your opportunity to ask questions, share data, and voice concerns. We promise openness, honesty, and transparency to evaluate your Salesforce solution and provide unbiased recommendations for the way forward.

This process is tailored to deliver a clear understanding of your current state with actionable insights, empowering you to upgrade your Salesforce system.

Salesforce Discovery Project

Orientation: Comprehensive Salesforce System Deep Dive

Our approach at The Architech Club is deeply personalised, not just matching an Architect to a project, but fully understanding your unique objectives. We embark on a comprehensive exploration of your business environment, scrutinising processes, governance, workflows, integration, technical debt, staff capabilities, data, and more.

Over 4 to 6 weeks, this intensive study will produce a strategic roadmap. Not just a document, but a transformation plan for your platform’s success. Choose us for unparalleled expertise and a Salesforce solution crafted to meet the heights of your ambition.

Salesforce Discovery Project

Turn Your Salesforce Vision into Reality With The Architech Club

Realise the full potential of Salesforce with a team that’s proven to be exceptional. Start your Salesforce project or enhance an on-going project with The Architech Club by your side. Contact us today!