Why a Partnership Approach Works

This week, we’ve made The Architech Club even better. We’ve improved our leadership by 100% in the best way possible. We now have a Co-CEO, Zel Mason

Zel Mason

Why it works for TAC

If a business having a Co-CEO sounds familiar, then yes, Salesforce got there first, and okay, it may be over now – but it inspired us to consider the benefits. 

CEO responsibilities are a lot

As the Harvard Business Review said in 2020: 

“The modern business landscape is too fast-moving and the demands on a CEO have become too innumerable for a single person to set an organization’s strategic direction and oversee a multitude of internal decisions, all while acting as its public face to stakeholders.”

I’ve had a lot going on – to say the least. My stage 4 cancer diagnosis has encouraged me to think in more detail than ever before about the future of The Architech Club. With so much to take care of both personally and for the business, it was clear that the best way to make sure all of that continues strongly is to share the leadership role with someone who has the same integrity, vision, and drive to create a successful long term business that I do.

Complementary skills make your business stronger 

In Zel Mason, I’ve found a CEO who complements me and inspires the business to innovate, stabilise, disrupt and nurture. Her brand and marketing skills are just the beginning. Her experience and in business strategy, operations, account management, innovation, and Salesforce, make her the ideal partner at the helm of the Good Ship TAC. 

As we grow and evolve, Zel’s vision and reliability make her the perfect partner to work alongside to ensure TAC’s future success.

Sharing the CEO role will mean that I can travel to medical appointments, spend more quality time with my family and personally commit to time with customers while knowing that the business is being guided appropriately. This way we can make sure that every part of the business receives the attention it deserves and it’s already working well. 


Why it works for Salesforce projects

Any successful project needs a shared vision and a commitment to work together to bring real and sustainable benefits. The Architech Club partnership approach is designed to help our customers to Salesforce Sustainably – bringing long-term Salesforce planning that will underpin growth. It’s just one of the numerous benefits that involving an Architect in your Salesforce project can bring. But not all Architects work as partners – so it’s important to check for a partnership approach. The benefits are numerous.  

Talent development 

A partnership approach encourages personal growth and high-quality solutions. It helps people with diverse talents to learn, grow and develop together with a focus on one common goal. 

The Architech Club’s partnership approach guides a business to make sound technology choices, improve processes, explore new opportunities, prove concepts, mitigate risks, and support delivery. And we do it in a way that makes our people feel like your people because we’re focused on your success.

Self-sufficient partners

Our partnership approach is designed to create self-sufficiency for our customers. We build one team around your Salesforce project and share our expert knowledge to create a legacy of intelligence and Salesforce capability long after the contract is complete.

The right engagement model

It’s important that the engagement model works for you as a customer, which is why we have developed options to suit different businesses and projects. Your business is unique and you deserve an engagement that recognises that. We offer both fixed-price projects (which work well when budget, scope, and deadlines are predefined) that provide clearly defined periods of focused engagement and flexible pay-as-you-go deals through our Ask An Architect agile service. Whichever you choose, the Architech Club provides guidance you can trust using an approach that takes a holistic view of your business needs.

Extended project team 

An extended or dedicated project team model is a great choice for longer-term projects. As with appointing a Co-CEO, complementary skills make your business stronger. You get a team of professionals entirely focused on your Salesforce project for a solid block of time designed to give you the roadmap and outcomes you need. You can flex that team according to your needs – so if you need a Technical Architect for a couple of weeks you can access one of those, alongside The Architech Club’s Solution Architects, Data Architects, Enterprise Architects, and Transformation Architects. Don’t know what each type of architect does? Hear me talk about it in more depth over at SalesforceBen.  

Even if your project is more limited in scope, it’s wise to select a partner who can cover all of your business needs. When the partner ethos is close to yours you’ll find that they are ready to accept your culture and work honestly, openly and transparently towards long-term collaboration. Clear, honest, communication is crucial in a stable partnership, which is why we build regular checkpoints into each project.

Additional benefits without Full-time Staff 

Finally, a partnership that offers you additional benefits is the sparkly unicorn on top of the rainbow mountain of project approaches. The Architech Club offers add-on services to our customers like staff augmentation/ recruitment services, Pardot consultancy, Apex development, and business transformation consultancy so that our customer doesn’t have to lose valuable time searching for additional services to help their Salesforce to success or take on the responsiblity of recruiting employed staff. 

The Architech Club is all about partnership working. And we want it to work for you too. We apply it not just through the Co-CEO role, but by working as smart collaborative teams and bringing that approach into customer projects.

If you’d like to learn more about what our partnership approach could do for you, or if you just fancy a chat with one of our CEOs to ask more about how it feels to share the role – book an appointment and we’ll get in touch with you. 

About the author

Gemma Blezard

CEO and Salesforce MVP

Gemma is founder and CEO of The Architech Club and a great inspiration to anyone dealing with life’s challenges. Gemma is also co-founder of Ladies Be Architects and an Award-winning advocate for diversity.
She is in demand as a conference speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and Community events. She is open about being a Breast cancer survivor, and somehow balances being a mother, Salesforce MVP, 18 x Salesforce Certified (so far) and now an entrepreneur.

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