Who expected the unexpected? We had the misfortune to live through one of the black swans that will end up in the history books, for sure. How will the definition of normal change, compared to what we used to call being normal? How will this financial break affect the economy in the near future, and what can you do in order to push your business back into the market?

For many of the businesses out there, this was a fatal blow. Especially so for the brick and mortar ones, or those that haven’t implemented a customer-relationship-management software (CRM).
Why? Because in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus spread, all governments took measures to support work-from-home environments. So to speak, many businesses had to make a choice in order to move their entire activity into the online space.

Those companies that managed to implement a CRM had a great advantage over their competitors, because their activity hasn’t been entirely disturbed by corona, and the measures that came with it. So how was the CRM a “life jacket” for businesses?


Every CRM company in the industry took a strong position against this situation. Also they made available important resources for their clients, such as: CRM Consultants, generous discounts, and the overall advantage of using this tech solution during the COVID crisis.


Salesforce is one of the top CRMs out there, giving their clients a really big advantage over their competitors. How, you may ask? Simple. With its top tech solution, which helped many owners manage their businesses regardless of where their employees were. Also, the well-trained architects helped, using  their expertise to establish measures and provide solutions for their Salesforce users, in order to perfectly manage and overcome this situation of crisis.

Where Salesforce really shined in this pandemic was in its two services:

One of them is Trailhead, which is a free learning platform, for people who want to learn or leverage their Salesforce set of skills. We’re talking skills that might be required for your next job, regardless of the position you’ll have. As a member of the Trailhead team, you become a Trailblazer. Being a Trailblazer, by definition means that you are an innovator in your field, so this service is for any innovators out there: developers, administrators, architects, sales leaders, marketers, and CEOs. Through this program, we provided work for people who wanted to become part of the customers Salesforce team. This brought us some amazing feedback from them.

The second service was meant for retailers. We offered free services around our clients’ Marketing Cloud side of things. Because we are quite strong in the Marketing Cloud, that’s been used a lot over the last few weeks. 


The team at Architech Club decided to support their own community with some implementations. So, by using our thought leadership-oriented team, our expertise, and by valuing human touch when engaging with our clients, our top architects managed to put together a series of projects that helped people get an edge during the pandemic.

The actions taken were not just at the company level. Our top architects took the battle against COVID on a personal level, too. 

Gemma is the founder and CEO of Architech Club, a Salesforce MVP, and the co-founder of Ladies Be Architects.

Being a selfless and kind person, Gemma saw the difficulties that challenged her local community, so she started to connect more with the locals through various social media platforms. There, many people from Gemma’s community were looking for jobs, so she came up with the idea of offering free training, in order to help everyone learn Salesforce. This training was first announced on the town’s Facebook page.

She mentioned that all the work she is doing right now “…is just in the spirit of helping people to emerge strong after things get back to normal”. 

“People are making progress, there are people already plowing ahead” – said Gemma in the Trailblazer Talk Show. 

Gemma also taught her students how to improve their CVs, and how to get more opportunities in the future. 

As proof of its success, people have joined this training from all over the world.

Last but not least, our CEO wanted to do something for the local Women’s Center, too. So, Gemma taught them how to use ZOOM, in order to run their training program during the quarantine. 

Chris is another member of the team that took some action against COVID. 

He started his technology career in 2005 as a Junior Developer, and worked his way up until he became a Development Manager in 2014, where he was responsible for a team of 16. In 2016,  Chris decided to focus on salesforce.com, and since then he has worked at two consultancies: first, as a Technical Consultant, and then as a Senior Technical Architect. He has decided to start this new decade by taking the leap into the contracting world, to ensure he has control over his personal development, in order to achieve his long-term aspiration of becoming a Salesforce CTA (Certified Technical Architect). 

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Chris has spent a great deal of time building up his portfolio of Certifications and Superbadges, and has been supporting the local community as an NHS volunteer responder.

Amnon is a 14x certified Salesforce Architect, with 15 years of experience with CRMs. A Salesforce MVP and community leader, this year he has started mentoring for Supermums, helping people prepare for certifications, and assisting people with getting work during the crisis. As the owner of an ISV product, he has also built tools for monitoring capacity and reporting wellness for shift workers.

Richard is a Business Development Director at Architech Club, and also one of the Salesforce Experts. The actions that Richard took against Covid were mostly related to helping elderly people. Coronavirus has hit older people particularly badly, and this has stretched charities in the sector to the limit. Not only do they have to find the staff to help older people who are self-isolating, but because of restrictions, their normal sources of funds have dried up. Here are his efforts, in his own words: initially as a volunteer, and now professionally with Age UK,  in order to help them design and to rapidly implement a new rostering and CRM system. “It’s a cause close to home, as my Mother in Law passed away in March as a result of Covid. We miss her very much, so it’s great to be doing something to make sure older people get the care they deserve.”

Siobhan is an Enterprise Architect with 8 years in Salesforce, ranging from Global enterprise clients to start-ups. He has over 10 years’s experience with technology change projects in the Education, Recruitment, Advertising, and Health sectors. Siobhan has been working as a Product Manager with teams building custom applications that support the Coronavirus response.


So, those were some actions our team took in order to help others overcome the reality we’re living in right now. This is something we advise you to do for your community, too. But, if you find yourself still struggling with major decisions for your business, we can understand. 

We are all waiting for things to come back to normal, but what if things will come “forward to normal”?  What if the new normal will be something so new that will rewrite the entirety of society, and the entire workforce environment? Everything is turning towards online and work-from-home approaches right now. So, in order to leverage and grow your business, a good thing would be to move a big part of your company online. 

Maybe you’re asking yourself: How am I going to manage everything? There are lots of administrative things that have to be done, and I don’t have the infrastructure yet to move my activity into the online sphere. Or, if you already are online and using a CRM, you might be asking yourself how to overcome the economical problems brought on by COVID? Salesforce is one of the best solutions out there for managing your business and diving straight into the online space. You can book our team of experts anytime you want, in order to help you navigate through any challenges you might have, and to leverage your business with our CRM consulting skills.

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