Supercharged Success Stories

Dive into the journeys of our Salesforce clients. From startups to AppExchange providers, we're the cornerstone of their Salesforce success.

Salesforce Customer Success Stories

Revolutionizing Fleet Management

Chevin Fleet Solutions, a leading global fleet management software provider, aims to enhance their sales processes and business insights.

Partnering with The Architech Club, our experienced team revamped their systems, consolidating multiple platforms into Salesforce Customer 360, which increased visibility, improved project cost controls, and streamlined invoicing.

Dive into this transformative journey and discover how challenges were turned into opportunities for growth.

Salesforce Customer Success Stories

Argus Media's CRM Transformation

After 3 unsuccessful attempts at CRM implementation, Argus Media found The Architech Club’s expertise.

Through comprehensive assessments and design thinking, we provided a clear Salesforce roadmap, revamped their NetSuite, and laid the foundation for sustainable growth and future innovation.

Salesforce Customer Success Stories

From Legacy to Salesforce Excellence

Guy Carpenter, a global risk specialist, engaged The Architech Club to critically assess a custom-built Salesforce app. Our thorough examination identified significant issues in code quality, security, and compliance.

Based on our findings, we charted a remedial roadmap focusing on low-code approaches, governance, and best practices.

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