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Guy Carpenter – Ensuring Security and Sustainability for Salesforce

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Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC is a leading global risk and reinsurance specialist with more than 3,200 professionals in over 60 offices around the world.

Having recently built a custom app inside Salesforce, Guy Carpenter was keen to validate the quality of the build and reassess the feasibility of Salesforce for rebuilding a new version of the app. They asked The Architech Club to examine the existing Salesforce technology, identify risks and make recommendations for a remedial product backlog.


  • Overuse of contractors and consultants, who have over-engineered Guy Carpenter’s Salesforce org , means the system became legacy and costs a great deal to maintain.
  • Inconsistent design and technology framework.
  • Excessive coding of solutions.
  • Lack of privacy compliance.
  • Technical debt, due to:
    • Unused, redundant solutions
    • Historic use of contractors
    • Over-engineering
    • Inadequate handover
  • Salesforce was treated as PaaS, not SaaS.

Company Profile


Guy Carpenter

Global Risk and Re-insurance Specialists



  • We commissioned a Solution Architect and a Technical Architect to conduct reviews of the current application:
    • Business processes
    • User experience
    • Capabilities
    • Use cases
  • Technical assessment:
    • Platform and architecture
    • Code quality
    • System maturity
    • Security and compliance
    • Governance
  • Executive Summary presentation
  • Report of Findings


  • We found serious issues with code quality, security, and privacy
  • We recommended:
    • Prioritizing a low-code approach
    • Design standards for pro-code and low-code solutions
    • Coding best practices
    • Technical design authority and Centre of Excellence
  • We provided a roadmap including:
    • Remedial backlog
    • Governance plan
    • Permissions review
    • Improving code base
    • Brownfield implementation plan

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