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Advisory Packages

Focused advice from architects you can trust

Start with excellence

If you’re not sure how to structure your orgs, let’s talk about the pros, cons and impact of single vs multi-org within the context of your business environment. We also have years of experience with org merges and splits. Use our learnings to make yours a success.

Real success with Salesforce means building experiences that focus on people.

Design Thinking prioritises continuous understanding and reflection as you enhance Salesforce. What better way to create a backlog for your delivery team?

We aim to refocus your requirements and embed a practice of prioritising people above processes.

Give us your requirements and we’ll conduct a review of relevant AppExchange apps with pros, cons, prices and gotchas.

Working on an RFP for Salesforce delivery? Hire us to join your Bid team!

We provide an architectural review, delivery strategy and technical design assurance so you can respond with confidence.

Taking an app to market? Let’s talk strategy: how will your design scale? What standards are necessary? Are there any gotchas for product development, implementation and support? We’ve been there; hire an architect to help you make important decisions before they creep up on you.

For longer term product support, we recommend a retainer

design with confidence

Salesforce gives us three releases per year and it’s never finished. There are multiple ways to solve business problems using Salesforce and architects have the big picture in mind. 

Peer review of specifications, technical designs, solution designs and even governance frameworks ensure a wide range of possible impacts are explored – resulting in high-quality solution designs.

In our reviews, we raise questions and challenges to ensure this and give your team the opportunity to grow.

Design standards are fundamental for high-quality solutions. Our architect will work with your team to document compelling code and declarative design standards you can take forward – and maybe even automate!

Reports and list views running slow? Too much data to chew through? There are many reasons that could be happening. In this package we’ll analyse significant factors affecting the performance of your org and document our recommendations.

Everyone’s talking about switching to Lightning – and we think that presents a big opportunity to revamp your approach as well as your user experience. Our architect will spend a month to help you identify specific opportunities and document good practice advice for taking advantage of thousands of new productivity features you can use right now.

Cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud, point-to-point, web services, REST, SOAP, middleware….the options are endless when it comes to integration.

Allow us to take a dive into your integration patterns, protocols and security to devise a strategy that optimises your landscape and ensures your people have all the data they need to make your customers happy.

take ownership

Architects aren’t just technically minded – we also ran delivery teams. We can help you hire the right people for your Salesforce team – whether it’s by writing job descriptions, building tests or being the techie on your interview panel.

It can be hard to know what to put in your Request for Proposal – and in the Salesforce world, responses are specific and varied.

We can help you create an RFP that speaks Salesforce, attracting high quality responses. Not only that – use our scoring system to have the right conversations with the right vendors.

Our experience and network means we’re uniquely placed to assist you in navgiating the Salesforce ecosystem.

Half the battle is in knowing what you want your delivery team to build. Hire a product owner for 3 months to guide the business and delivery team while you get up and running with Salesforce. We’ll even help you recruit a permanent one.

A well-governed Salesforce programme needs a centre of excellence to ensure Salesforce stays true to the vision, carries minimal risk and scales for growth. Bring us onboard for 6 months to guide your ownership of Salesforce and keep it relevant.

Standing up a DevOps process can be challenging.Our technical architects can help you design an optimal process for managing changes to YOUR org(s), even across multiple teams and environments.


This package is for when you don’t know what you don’t know. Our architects will review your business processes, compare it to your system setup and your people’s needs. Good practice advice is documented, along with a roadmap of ideal projects your team can undertake to optimise Salesforce.

Does Jenny in Sales Ops own all 10 million of your contracts? Struggling to uninstall a package because of a master-detail relationship? Worried about hitting storage limits?

We’ve seen it all. Take advantage of a second pair of eyes that scrutinise your data architecture and recommend tools and techniques that smooth it over.

Is everyone in your org a System Administrator, even though they shouldn’t be? Too many profiles and not enough knowledge on what the differences are? We’ve been there and seen it. Let’s tidy up.

If you need to clean up all the old AppExchange packages you’re not using any more, we can help you design the approach. After a short review of your org and packages, we’ll document the right steps and approach to enable you to do the rest.

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