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About Us

Our Journey Began With A Vision

Gemma Blezard, a notable Salesforce MVP, noticed an unsettling trend in the Salesforce consulting sector; projects were frequently stalling, some even failing.

The culprits? Inadequate planning, ineffective change management, and an absence of empathy.

This prompted Gemma to think differently. She initiated The Architech Club, a consultancy that emphasises not just the ‘what’ but dives deep into the ‘why.’

So What's Our Approach?

We offer solutions that scale, promise sustainability, guarantee maximized ROI, and reduce risk.

Building from Gemma’s vast experience, we’ve curated specialised services that address the unique challenges in the Salesforce domain. From initial planning to reviving faltering projects, our services ensure your Salesforce journey is seamless and productive.

What Our Premier Salesforce Services Can Do For You

Unlock your project’s potential with our comprehensive range of services, including tailored Salesforce professional services, suited to every need and budget.


Collaborative research, assessment, recommendations & estimates to reduce the risks.


Craft scalable solutions and technical designs that align with your business's present needs and future aspirations.


Expert guidance tailored to your terms, propelling your Salesforce transformation.

Managed Support

Led by Salesforce architects, our bespoke support will mould perfectly to your project's unique needs.

About Us

Who Are We?

About Us

Amnon Kruvi

CEO & Head Architect

Amnon brings a wealth of expertise to The Architech Club as a 15x certified Salesforce architect and developer. He also founded Kruvi Solutions, creating exceptional tools for various management needs. Renowned for his extensive experience in architecting Salesforce solutions, Amnon goes beyond his individual accomplishments by dedicating a significant portion of his time to mentoring and fostering growth within the Salesforce community. His contributions led to the prestigious recognition of Salesforce MVP in 2019, a title he has continued to earn annually, underscoring his impactful presence in Salesforce’s online forums and his co-leadership of the London Developer Community Group.

Amnon’s distinctive presentation style has further solidified his standing within the community, making him a sought-after speaker at various Salesforce community events.

His career journey began as a consultant, and over the years, he has accumulated valuable experience both within and beyond the Salesforce platform. Notably, Amnon possesses a background in building startup companies, a facet of expertise that, coupled with his established relationships at Salesforce, proves instrumental for The Architech Club.

About Us

Gemma Blezard


Gemma Blezard, was a Salesforce MVP, a pioneer in the Salesforce world. She founded the Architech Club in 2019 and Ladies Be Architects in 2018, uniting enthusiasts in a shared journey.
About Us

Nicola Carley

Head of Services

Gemma Blezard, was a Salesforce MVP, a pioneer in the Salesforce world. She founded the Architech Club in 2019 and Ladies Be Architects in 2018, uniting enthusiasts in a shared journey.
About Us
About Us

Our Mission

At The Architech Club, we’re driven by a singular mission: to empower clients with the ability to make robust decisions.

By enhancing customer success and fostering a sustainable ecosystem of Salesforce expertise, we’re shaping a brighter, more efficient future for all stakeholders.

Turn Your Salesforce Vision into Reality With The Architech Club

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