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Why you need a Salesforce Architect on your team

and how to find one (hint: call us)

Why do Salesforce projects go wrong?

  • Failure to gain users' trust
  • Very narrow, short-term requirements
  • Buying detailed projects without a roadmap
  • Hiring without fully understanding the roles
  • Buying too many point solutions
  • Lack of alignment between the business and IT
  • Absent or inattentive sponsors
  • Adding to and living with complexity

Less than

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of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90% – CSO Insights

“We know the potential is there, but don’t fully understand the complexity of the system.”

“We are frustrated with an implementation that went off the rails, and can’t find the guidance to move on.”

Before you know it, your project is stuck.

  • Your inbox is a sea of feedback from angry users
  • The team can't agree whether it's a Case or a custom object
  • It feels like the Build stage will never end
  • Another week, another new Visualforce page
  • The next super-exciting demo...(it's not live yet)
  • ...and you're wondering how you get back to Green on the RAID Log.

Time to recentre.

  • Understand the whole picture
  • Plan the way forward
  • Build for what you want to be
  • Prioritise trust
  • Break up with complexity
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of Salesforce users who report the highest Return On Investment always work with a Technical or Solutions Architect

We've made a club of the world's leading Salesforce architects

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